By: Joe Pereira

Mr. Apolinário da Silva
Spotted at Folkorama - Casa do Minho on August 9th – 2014

Born in Portugal
Moved to France in 1959.
Married in Paris to Delmina his wife of more than 40 years.
Moved to Winnipeg in 1972   
His 2 sons were born in France and a daughter was born in Winnipeg.
Every 2 years Mr. da Silva returns to France and Portugal    
Retired from John Buhler industries in 2005 after 35 years( wielder ) 

Mr Da Silva volunteers at:
Casa do Minho (financing and kitchen)
St Boniface hospital
Dear Lodge and Maples Nursing Home
Health science Center Children’s Ward

Loves to volunteer for a better world - Mr. Silva has dedicated his life to helping others 365 days a year for over 30 years 

Fishing and hunting
Spending time with his 3 grand children

Mr. Silva's passion in life is to simply give his time in helping others, keep up the great work and keep giving.