Casa do Minho Folkorama

By Joe Pereira - August 11 2014

Casa do Minho hosted the first week of the 45th edition Folkorama from August 3rd to August 10th 2014, this year’s folkorama was well received by large crowds at the pavilion, all whom attended enjoyed delicious buffet style food and an outdoor grill.

The master of ceremonies John Paul Cordoso had a late night interview approach testing volunteers of their knowledge of Portugal, several life performances including the traditional six dance group performances and John Vieira with his live band rocking the event under the outdoor tent along with several live singers on stage.

Adult Ambassadors were David and Natária Melo, Youth Ambassadors were Miguel Melo, Malaika Costa, Pavillion director, Paula Cruz Marques.

Paula stated that the cultural display and information booth on recommended sites to visit and things to do while traveling to Portugal was very popular and visited by many pavilion visitors.

Entry tickets are $6.00 this year and $54 for a twelve pack.

Congratulations to the Casa do Minho for a very successful pavilion and congratulations to the many volunteers and organizers’ that made this event a very enjoyable one.
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