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Pavilion of Portugal - Sounds of Portugal

By Joe Pereira - 2014.08.16

Portuguese Association of Manitoba
659 Young St
August 10th to August 16th
Adult Ambassador – Johnathan Migueis
Adult Ambassador – Florbela Costa
Youth Ambassador – Victoria Dias
Youth Ambassador - Daniel Rocha
Zita Lopes – Executive Director
Mario Santos –President
Agostinho Bairos –Vice president – Coordinator
Master of ceremonies - Agostinho Bairos, Célia Caetano Gomes, Céu Gameiro Silva 
Luis Aquiar – Sound System
Arminda Domingos – Head of Kitchen
Luis Vicente – Head of Security and Bar
Live performances by 5 Portuguese dance groups
Guest performers – singers Milu Pacheco and Michelle Madeira of Toronto Ontario
This year’s folkorama at the association had a theme called the sounds of Portugal, a large display area on the lower level featuring the history and traditions of Portuguese music, culture and interesting artifacts, the main floor always had smiling faces ready to greet all and assist all whom visited, before entering the main hall visitors could stop at a well-organized gift and souvenir area with many traditional souvenir’s that could be purchased, the hall area featured an expresso and refreshment bar, also a full liquor bar and a long buffet style food counter with delicious traditional food and desserts .
Always a crowd favorite was the enjoyable performances of the 5 dance groups performed with high energy and drawing the attention of all to the stage.
The duo singers Milu Pacheco and Michelle Madeira of Toronto added a nice touch as they sang traditional Portuguese songs on stage and throughout the floor involving guests and members of the dance groups in several sing-alongs    
The attendance was very strong and on the popular evenings including the first and last evening the hall seemed to be operating at full capacity, this event was visited by many people in our community and many other visitors who came to try our delicious food and drinks.
Sponsors of the event are always treated to a very enjoyable sponsor evening as staff caters with large dishes of food and drinks along with front row seating to a show.
Congratulations to all the organizers and volunteer’s for a very successful and a very enjoyable event.